During the recovery process, your plastic surgeon will be in close contact with you to ensure you remain comfortable and are healing well. Dr. Neil Zemmel puts a high value on this communication, as it allows patients to rest easy and focus on their recovery.

Dr. Neil Zemmel is very thorough in helping patients understand what to expect during the recovery from reduction surgery, and he is available to answer any questions that may arise throughout the healing process.

Immediately after breast reduction surgery, you will mostly likely be admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay, so our nurses and doctor can maintain close observation over your recovery. Any post-operative pain is typically well-tolerated with intravenous medicines, and should you need it, additional medication can be provided to help with nausea. The following morning, members of the surgical team will meet with you to change your bandages. Once you are ready, you will be discharged to go home.

recoveryThough resting is essential throughout the course of your recovery from breast reduction, you will also need to frequently move around to facilitate healing. After about two or three days post-surgery, you can begin to perform light daily activities, including showering. You can expect your breasts to feel tight and swollen for about one week – many women compare this feeling to when their bodies start producing milk for breastfeeding. Throughout this time, you should not have too many issues moving around. By the second week, you should feel even more like yourself, and soreness should begin to resolve.

The majority of patients take anywhere from 10-14 days off from work so they can relax and focus on recovery. Most activities can be resumed after three to four weeks post-operatively. As the swelling continues to go down and your body heals, you can begin to notice your beautiful breast reduction results taking shape.

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