Financing & Insurance

Our team believes the cost of a breast reduction should not outweigh the life-changing results the procedure can provide. Whether your overly large breasts are a cosmetic and/or medical problem, Richmond Aesthetic Surgery strives to make reduction surgery possible for all budgets.

Insurance Coverage

Depending on the details of your breast reduction, your insurance may cover part or all of your surgery cost. In fact, around 75% of patients who have a consultation for the procedure may qualify for insurance coverage. This is due to the medical need to reduce breast volume and weight.

Common problems women seek to alleviate with a breast reduction include neck and shoulder pain, back pain, skin rashes beneath the breasts, and grooves from bra straps. Whether insurance covers a breast reduction will depend upon the duration and severity of these symptoms. It will also depend upon the insurance carrier. Current Richmond Aesthetic Surgery works with Anthem/BCBS insurance for breast reduction surgery.

If you are considering breast reduction, you should first read your insurance policy. For some, a “reduction mammoplasty” (breast reduction) may be a policy exclusion, which means the surgery is not covered despite being medically necessary.

Before a breast reduction surgery is scheduled, most insurance providers require the surgeon to write a letter detailing the patient’s symptoms, physical assessment, and the approximate amount of excess breast weight, as well as a request for coverage. If insurance coverage is denied due to the procedure being considered cosmetic in nature, your surgeon can inform the insurer of your medical need and how reduction differs from a lift, which is considered cosmetic.

If you receive a denial but feel a reduction is necessary for your day-to-day living and overall health, you have the legal right to send an appeal. How you can go about this appeal process should be explained in your denial letter. It can be helpful for you to write your own letter describing the side-effects of your overly large breasts and how they prevent you from normal daily function, emphasizing your chronic physical symptoms. Also helpful, you should obtain a letter from other health professionals, such as a family doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, or orthopedist, to further support your appeal. You can ask your doctor to submit these letters as well as the latest scientific findings and medical publications about the permanent treatment of breast reduction to create a strong argument against your denied coverage.

Financing Options

After you have had the chance to consult with our plastic surgeon, you will be provided with a quote of how much you can expect to pay. Should the estimated cost of your breast reduction be outside of your budget, our staff can work with you to find a way to make the procedure more affordable.

Our practice offers financing through CareCredit® to make your breast reduction a reality. This company provides a variety of low monthly payment plans and different interest rate options to help you find the best financing for your situation.


Applying for CareCredit® is typically a fast, simple process, and you can do so over the phone, online, or by fax. If you have any difficulty applying, our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through the process.

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