Can Large Breasts Cause My Arms & Hands to Tingle?

modelHaving disproportionally large breasts compared to the rest of your body frame can lead to discomfort in a variety of ways. This is because your body may not be equipped to support this excess weight, and in some cases, this can manifest into different health concerns. One symptom that some women with large breasts may experience is tingling and numbness in their arms, hands, and/or fingers.

If you’ve ever noticed pain or tingling in your upper extremities, it’s possible this could be connected to having enlarged breasts. While this may not be the first thought you have when experiencing changes in hand sensation, breasts large enough to put strain on the torso and neck can cause nerve compression. As a result, you may notice pain or tingling down your arms and into your hands.

While changes in sensation can be concerning whether you know the cause or not, the good news is surgery may be able to reduce, if not completely eliminate, this problem if it’s caused by excess breast tissue. Breast reduction surgery from our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Neil J. Zemmel, is tailored for each patient to not only enhance their breast appearance, but address the pain and other concerns caused by enlarged breast tissue. Many women have reported relief from their discomfort soon after surgery, even toward the beginning of their recovery from breast reduction

For more details about how the breast reduction procedure can address common health and wellness concerns—like back and neck pain, arm tingling, and shoulder discomfort—please contact our team at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zemmel. He will listen to what you hope to achieve through surgery and recommend whether a reduction is the right procedure for your unique needs.